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Every session begins with equal distribution of children in each house randomly, in the month of July a house meeting is conducted wherein New students are introduced, the winners in various activities conducted during the previous session are felicitated. At the beginning of each session we sit and draft the various activities to be conducted through the year activities which can accommodate almost all children, house mistresses prepare children for these activities (giving each child a chance to participate) and then the inter-house competitions are conducted ,children along with the house mistresses put in great efforts to compete and of course there are winners and some tears(for those didn’t perform well) at the end of the day they are all happy about the event

What ACTIVITIES do we conduct?

Simple yet Challenging to List a few: Primary: Drawing, Handwriting (English as well as Hindi), Clay molding, Recitation, Quizzing (General, English, Maths…) Spell-Bee


Middle, Senior, Senior, Sec: Drawing, Hand Writing, Singing (  Solo/Group) Debates, Speech, Extempore, Quiz, Spell Bee, Symposium, Salad Dressing, Flower Arrangement many more to name


How they are conducted?

Notices are put up, House mistresses get on their toes (Super women, Academics Plus Extra Curr)


Just a glance over the House Performance